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In today's Conversation with the Experts, we are talking with Kevin Girtz of Moxie Pest Control. He is here to explain the difference between an economy termite treatment and the more expensive treatments.

In the Midwest, all termites are subterranean. That means they live under ground and in wood that is in contact with the soil. Termites cannot live in direct sunlight, and therefore build mud tubes to move above ground. Those mud tubes or wood damaged by termites are the two most visible signs a home has termites. In the Kansas City metro, our real estate contracts state that if a home is found to have termites, a seller must treat (unless it has otherwise been negotiated in the contract.

There are two ways to treat termites: termite bait stations or more commonly by trenching the soil around the home and treating with chemical. Today we are talking about the second treatment.

Sandi:  Kevin, you had mentioned something about what I call the economy termite treatment companies. There are several well-known ones around town. You said that your Moxie's termite treatment is different. Could you elaborate on that?

Kevin: Yes, absolutely. What those economy companies are doing is using a repellent product. The chemical they use kills termites that encounter it around the perimeter of the home. And it is also keeping the termites away. Those repellant-type products typically last for 12-18 months. That is why you see only a one-year warranty on those real estate transactions, because after about a year the product is no longer as effective. So, when the product dissipates, the termites may come back into your home.

Those products lull you into a false sense of security. You get what you pay for it truly. Sellers and their agents do not really like me as much as the buyer's do because I am really fighting to make sure that the buyer's new home is fully protected for years to come.

The product we use is completely different. Our product is a non-repellent, unlike our competitor's product. What most people do not know about termites is that they are social just like ants, so they are always touching each other. As they go through our product, it spreads throughout the colony from there and eradicates all the termites. Our product can take several months to complete the job, but it will eradicate every colony on the property. That is why you see this product being a little more expensive than the other. It is up to you which plan you choose. If you have a forever home, II woold use the product that gives you a warranty, which can last up to 10 years.

Sandi: That makes sense. It is the quality of the product which makes the difference. To be honest, I have been a Realtor for 18 years and, until I met you, I did not realize the difference.

When people are selling at home, they are not as concerned with the quality; they want the cheapest treatment possible. It sounds like Buyers and homeowners would be better served using a treatment such as the one Moxie offer. Hopefully, this will help people realize the difference, between the two.

To Reach Kevin Girtz with Moxie Pest Control call 816-524-9090, or for more information or to schedule an appointment visit

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